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Detailed description of Nature Neem urea coating Powder

Description of the product

Nature Neem Urea coat is a  special formulation of Nature neem oil and humic acid which contains high quantity of  Triterpenes , the denitrifying factors.  Use of neem urea coating powder helps to retard the activity and growth of the bacteria responsible for denitrification. Triterpenes in Nature Neem urea coating agent will inhibit the process of nitrification and reduce formation of nitrates which in-turn will reduce N2O emissions. It prevents the loss of urea in the soil. It can also be used to control a large number of pests such as caterpillars, beetles, leafhoppers, borer, mites etc. The other commercially available neem coating agents contains some of the isolated compounds of Neem. But Nature Neem urea coating agent contains all natural unaltered form of nutrients which enables its to be an effective denitrifying agent and as well as an natural soil insecticide.

Nature Neem Urea Coat is also available as a dry powdered form of special neem seed cake that enables a free mix with urea.


Advantages of Nature Neem urea coating agent

· Nature Neem Urea Coat effects slow release of nitrogen during the critical phases of growth

· Controls nematodes, termites, pests and insects.

· Excellent soil conditioner and Natural Bio Pesticides

· Environmental Friendly and Non Toxic

· Reduces Urea Consumption

· Convenient and easy to apply


             Soil fertility is determined by three major elements namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium

(N, P, K) of which nitrogen plays a very important role. For this reason, Urea (containing 46% of N) consumption is very high all over the world. Unfortunately, more than half (up to 60%) of the nitrogen leaches out or vaporizes in the form of nitrogen gas, ammonia & nitrous oxide due to the presence of denitrifying bacteria in the soil. Nature Neem urea coating agent retards the activity of De Nitrifying Bacteria like Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas . Nitrobacter that is responsible for loss of Nitrogen from Urea and its fast release, thus results in controlling the loss of nitrogen and also slow release of the Urea that complimentary results in more Yields. Nature Neem urea coating agent also control some soil  born nematodes, termites and other pest as it contains natural pesticide/nematicide/insecticidal properties.


Mode of Action

When uncoated urea is applied to the soil, the urea (Amide) nitrogen is rapidly converted to ammoniacal nitrogen and subsequently to nitrite and nitrate forms. Nitrogen in these forms, besides being absorbed by plants, is also rapidly lost from the soil due to leaching, run off, volatilization and denitrification. When neem UCA  coated urea is applied to soil, the neem triterpenes inhibit the activity of nitrifying bacteria results in delayed transformation of ammoniacal nitrogen into nitrite nitrogen. Thus ensures slow and continuous availability of nitrogen throught the crop growth.


Method of Application

1. Spread 50 Kg urea in the shade on a clean surface.

2. Mix evenly 250 ml of Nature Neem Urea Coat . If you have bought the powdered form, mix 500 gms. Ensure proper spreading on urea.

3. Rub urea NEEM UCA thoroughly by hand to get a uniform coating. For larger quantities of urea, suitable mixers can be used.

4. Allow coated urea to dry till it is free flowing and ready to use.

Nature Neem urea coat

A special formulation of neem triterpene and humic acid  acting as denitrifiers

Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at Specify the quantity you wish and frequency of your sales. We  will send you the best quote available in the market

Package : 1 litre and 5 litre cans.

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