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Detailed description of Nature Neem based organic manures


The important objective of this neem organic manure is to enrich the classical or known organic manures for increased protection against soil pests. The different neem plant parts such as neem seed coat, neem fruit skin, neem dried leaves is well decomposed with other organic matter.


Different types of Nature Neem compost

1. Nature Neem Vermi Compost and Vermi Cast

2. Nature Neem compost Coco based

3. Nature neem compost, FYM based

4. Nature Neem soil conditioner— Nature Neem compost coir pith based


Description of the product :

Nature Neem Vermi Cast : On contrary to the fears that neem, a powerful nematicide, might not be palatable to the annelids. The earthworms fed voraciously on the neem compost, converting up to 7% of the feed into vermi compost per day . Indeed the worms grew faster and reproduced more rapidly in the neem-fed vermin reactors. The vermi compost thus produced in this way is available as Nature Neem vermi compost.


Nature Neem vermi compost : Nature neem vermi compost contains vermicasts of american red wrigglers .The enriched nature neem with neem organic manure is used for increased plant resistance to pest attack.


Nature Neem compost coco based : The nature neem plant parts are composted with coco plant parts obtained after the extraction of coco from coco pods.


Nature Neem compost FYM based : The neem plant parts are composted with pure Farm yard manure.


Nature Neem soil conditioner : well decomposed  coir pith is enriched with neem. This compost is highly recommended to improve the soil characteristics such as aeration, water holding capacity  especially in fluffy soil with ph more than 7.


Directions of use 

Nature neem vermicompost is 100% organic and does not contain any chemical additives. It is an ideal combination of microbial cultures and neem making it useful for universal application for all crops and plants. Nature neem vermi compost slowly releases nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and increases fruit and vegetable production. It is high in soluble nitrogen, potash, potassium, calcium, magnesium, many other trace elements& over 150 micro-nutrients. It is rich in vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics and growth hormones making it the most complete plant food. Researchers have proved that vegetables and fruits grown using vermicompost stay fresh for a longer time and also improves their taste. Neem compost is being used by farmers and agriculturists on a large scale because of its benefits. It helps converting the organic matter into humus. Better than other manures, as they do not have any after effects. It is being manufactured and exported in various countries because of its effectiveness and use for almost all food and cash crops.


Benefits of Nature Neem Compost

· Increased plants resistance to pest attacks

· Eco- friendly and Non toxic

· Universal application for all crops and plants

· Best soil conditioner

· Protects the plants from certain root diseases

· Protection from nematodes, a menace during seedling establishment.

Nature Neem based

                                            organic manures

Classical organic manures enriched with neem

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Neem based organic manures

Package : 25/40/50 Kg HDPE or Jute Bags

Neem based manures are restricted by entry barriers in certain countries across the world.


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