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Coconut shell charcoal briquettes

Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at Specify the quantity you wish and frequency of your sales. We  will send you the best quote available in the market

Package : Compressed  blocs of 30 x 30 x 15cm. 1 tone per palette. 10 tonnes per 20 feet container and 20 tonnes per 40 feet



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The production of wood charcoal is always associated with cutting and burning of trees en masse. Along with them, young trees and smaller plants like herbs and shrubs are burnt up. This adds up to the ever existing problem of loss of bio diversity.  But Nature Neem respects the environment by producing the charcoal from the coconut shells obtained after removing the inner coconut kernel. In India, these coconut shells are available abundantly.  Nature Neem recycles them by converting them into charcoal using special furnaces whereby the emission of gases is at the minimum. This charcoal is then powdered, binded using natural gums and pressed into briquettes.


Thus COCO CHARCO is completely a recycled green or organic energy which respects the environment and Mother Nature.


COCO CHARCO – for easy ignition and long time burning

For a successful grill, the charcoal must ignite easily and should rest longer with a steady release of heat. A good charcoal should not emit fumes during the ignition and should leave minimum residue at the end of burning.  Surprisingly these are the inbuilt characters of coco based charcoal.  As the coconut shells are harder, the charcoal is denser. This denser carbon is still binded and pressed into briquettes. And naturally COCO CHARCO burns three times more than the classical wood charcoal.


Additionally, our laboratory tests each and every batch of production in order to re verify these quality criteria. Thus Nature Neem assures the best product to its customers.


Contents/ characteristics

Density : 1- 1.2 g/cm3                 Ashes – less than 5 %        Absence of sulfites or other toxic ingredients

Moisture <8 %                       Carbon fixed : > 75 %       Calorific value > 8000 Kcal/kg


Safety precaution :

Do not approach too closer to the meat or grill fire.

Begin cooking only 15 minutes after the ignition your charcoal fire.  Ignite with camphor that burns steadily.

Don’t use or pour kerosene or alcohol or other flammable liquid directly into the fire.


Only for outdoor usage. Do not ignite your grill indoors or in closed environment, as it may absorb the existing oxygen. Don’t leave children to operate your grill. Keep the product out of the reach of children or from fire.


The product can conserve the fire for longtime. After the grill is over put off the heat by surplus water and confirm if the fire is completely off.


Storage :

Store the product in a shade and dry place.


Product in compliance with the European standard

NF in 1860-2.