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Sac de culture à la base de fibre et tourbe de coco

Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at Specify the quantity you wish and frequency of your sales. We  will send you the best quote available in the market

Package : Standard / 2.5Kg (Approx), - 100 x 15 x 3 (Expanded 12)cms. (This too can be made as per customer requirement).


Product Description

Coir is the thick middle layer of the coconut fruit, consisting of long fiber and sponge like pith particles. Coir is considered a premier hydroponic growing medium.It is an excellent alternative to rock wool and peat mass. It is 100% natural and renewable, and has a virtually unlimited supply potential. Compressed coir slabs, encased in UV stabilized co-extruded (black inside/white outside) poly bags, are now becoming an increasingly popular choice in hydroponic cut flower and vegetable production around the world.


Neem Enriched, protects the plants against the root based parasites, nematodes and fungus

Plants root faster into the bag compared to Rockwell
• Quickly develops more elaborate and stronger root systems
• Low Electrical Conductivity and High Cation Exchange Capacity
• Saves on fertilizer by up to 30% compared to Rockwell
• Excellent and faster fruit settings
• Significant reduction of root diseases (recent studies strongly
   suggest coir inhibits Pithium and Phytophtora growth)
• Easy to dispose or recycle - no disposal costs
• Competitvely priced with other growing media

Production Process

Raw materials for Nature Neem Grow Bags require special selection and processing methods. First, fresh coir pith is allowed to mature 2-3 years, this natural process of exposure to constant monsoon rains reduces salt, phenol and tannin. Matured coir pith is then processed to remove fine particles and long fibers. Next, it is washed to reduce salinity to optimal levels and sun-dried on concrete. This coir pith is compressed into slabs of various dimensions and sealed in UV stabilized poly bags. Finally, the bags are tested for expansion, EC and pH, and then shipped.


Nature Neem Grow Bags are rapidly becoming a popular choice for hydroponic cultivation of pot house tomatoes,cucumbers, strawberries and peppers.Thus Plants root develop faster stronger resulting in superior vigor and yield. The quick growth of a strong root system also helps in preventing Pithium infection. If infection occurs, the sucess rate of recovery is significantly better than Rockwell. Nature Neem’s superior water holding ability protects plants from stress caused by variations in watering frequency. Due to Nature Neem’s unique ability to maintain its structural properties, it has become a popular choice for cut flower roses and gerberas. Nature Neem can meet many unique growing needs with pre-nutriated coir, custom slab dimensions and a wide selection of water holding .

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 Standard - 100 x 15 x 3 (Expanded 12)cms. (This too can be made as per customer requirement).


 2.5Kg (Approx)




 6:1 by volume


 14 cu.M per MT when wetted up to 88% moisture (w/w; Wet Basis; Tested as per BS 4156; 1990).

Shipment Packing

 350/400nos. Hydroponic Grow Bags stacked on a pallet strapped and stretch wrapped as rigid unit. (printing on  the       poly bag as per customer requirements undertaken).

Container Utilization

3500 Grow Bags on 10 pallets in a 20ft Container

 7000 Grow Bags on 20 pallets in a 40ft Container

 8000 Grow Bags on 20 pallets in a
40ft High Cube Container.